Our Loyal Client


Mr. Moges Girma

“Our university would like to thank EKTTS for the receipt of 4200 copies of books covering different fields of studies. We also appreciate your contribution to facilitate technological assistive tool ”– GAGE University College

“Our university would like to thank EKTTS for the receipt of 16,994 copies of books covering different fields of studies. We are also grateful for the organization’s generous sharing of books and the effort it spent collecting, classifying, and distributing. The university community is very impressed with the donation and the efforts towards developing education in our country.”– Bahir Dar University

“The textbook and reference material will be extremely useful in our teaching and research activities. We deeply appreciate your unusual and unreserved assistance to Alemaya University. Finally, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to EKTTS and the donor organizations.”– Haram maya University

“I am writing this letter on behalf of St. Mary’s Catholic School to express our sincere appreciation to the Society for letting our school take its share from the books that have been distributed to schools in the country. I feel sure that our teachers, students, and the school community as a whole will make effective use of these invaluable books. We hope that your Society will continue its generous support in solving problems related to the serious shortage of books in the country.”– St. Mary’s School

“We would like to express our indebtedness to your Society for its book donation. […] We would also like to extend our gratitude on behalf of our new 10+3 Diploma students. The reference books we have are outdated whereas the books we received from EKTTS are very current. This has undoubtedly enabled us to alleviate our problems.”– Atlanta College

“EKTTS has carried out its responsibility diligently in processing and fulfilling all the requirements in clearing the books from port and customs. The management of the Zegha Business College would like to extend its appreciation for a job well done.”– Zegha Business College

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