Our Partners

EKTTS maintains a network of partners spanning international NGOs, donor organizations, government and policymakers, as well as Ethiopians in Diaspora. Since its inception in 2001, EKTTS has established cooperation agreements with Diaspora associations in USA and Canada and international NGOs in USA and the UK. Below is a list of our past and current partners.
Book donors
Books for Africa
Book Aid International
Better World Books
International Book Bank
Brother’s Brother Foundation
Universal African Peoples Organization
Computer donors
Computer Aid International
Diaspora associations
Society for the Transfer of Educational Expertise and Resources for Ethiopia (STEER)
Northwest Ethiopian Professional Association
Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENAHPA)
Bethany Negash Memorial Foundation
Main Beneficiaries
Kindergartens, primary, secondary and technical/vocational schools
Colleges, universities and teacher training institutions
Public libraries, civil societies and local NGOs
Special groups, such as schools for the handicapped, training programs operating within prisons and detention centers