EKTTS launched The Hawassa Digital Public Library

posted Nov 1, 2012, 10:24 AM by Haile Sellassie Kebede

EKTTS is taking a big leap to extend its dimension of reaching out  to the community at large. To this end we have developed a number of projects towards supporting the community in its endeavor for development. The projects maninly focuse on education sector through the eastablishment of digitally resourced public libraries in the major regions of Ethiopia. In March 2012 ,  The Hawassa Digital Public Library (HDPL)  , SNNPRS , started to have life.  Our focus was buildings services-to meet 21st century information needs.  Many individuals and groups  shared their ideas, insights, and passions in the establishment of this library. The Hawassa Public Library is a public institution, funded by the public for the public – and so a great deal of effort went into consulting the public about the eastablishment of the Library. 

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