Book Aid International (BAI, UK) Program Director, Mrs. Jill Haynes visit.
Book Aid International (BAI, UK) Program Director, Mrs. Jill Haynes, concluded a 3-day (5-7 December 2014) Visit with the Ethiopian Knowledge and Technology Transfer Society (EKTTS). During her stay, Mrs. Jill visited a number of joint public and community Library Projects covering over 900 Km in and outside Addis Ababa.
Libraries visited include, Jimma Public Library, Jimma Prison Library, Habeshasha Meles Zenawi Secondary School library and Sebetta Community (Oromia Regional State), ‘Kebina’ High School Library (SNNP Regional State) and two community libraries, two hospital and one prison libraries in Addis Ababa.
Book Aid International is the sole source of library books and resource materials to the Library Project with over 30 thousand books already distributed and a total of 60,000 committed over the period of three years. The team was received with warm welcome and cheers from the teachers, students, community leaders and the people in each site. We have found the experience to be very rewarding and encouraging. We are confident that Book Aid will continue support this important. Project

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